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Mini Red Solo Cup Shot Glass (100 cups)  Disposable Shot Glasses - Plastic Shot Glasses for Jello Shots

Mini Red Solo Cup Shot Glass (100 cups) Disposable Shot Glasses - Plastic Shot Glasses for Jello Shots

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Having a party? Then you should definitely have these Mini Red Disposable Solo Shot Cups on hand!

These shot glasses will be perfect for your next party. They comes in a red cup design that beer enthusiasts will love in an instant.

They are disposable so you never have to worry about the dishes especially when having a party. Whew!

These shot glasses can be used not only for drinking but also for storing nuts, candies, and other goodies.

Each of the 5 packs contains 20 shot glasses for maximum enjoyment. The more, the merrier! So next time you're having a party, make sure you have these adorable Mini Red Disposable Solo Shot Glasses!

The Party Just Keeps Getting Better! This Set of 100 Mini Red Shot Glasses are Perfect For Any Gathering Because They Look Just Like The Classic Red Solo Cups - But In A Smaller Size.  Makes A Classy Edition To Any Bar Set And Will Be The HIT Of Your Next Party!

  • The World's #1 Summer Party Cup now comes in Miniature! The celebrated red plastic "Solo" party cup is offered in a "wee little" version, for samples, shots, and fun party extras.

  • These perfect shot-sized replicas of the iconic "beer pong" cup made are famous at parties across the country, the Mini Solo Cups hold 2 oz. of liquid.

  • These clever little red plastic shot glasses are the perfect size for jello shots, and of course expert-level "quarters" or "beer pong" games at your party.

  • Or, if you have young kids, they are a perfect size for kids parties or even "tea parties" for dolls.

  • Get your party started with 2oz Mini Red Cups in packages of 20. They are crafted of sturdy red plastic - with white interiors - like the large Solo cups, but shrunk to a miniature size. 100% Money-Back Guarantee